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Lawrese Brown is an educator, entrepreneur, and communicator. She is passionate about public service, public speaking, leadership development and New Jersey (extra points if if pertains to Newark). Like her birthday twin Oprah Winfrey, she aspires to use media to educate and inspire others across the globe. Keep up with Lawrese on Twitter and Instagram @lawrese.


  1. What a refreshing article! You made excellent connections. I’m inspired to try improv now. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Great article. I recently started an improv class for many of the reasons you cited above, and it’s been a lot of fun. As an introvert with a history of stage fright it’s been a great way for me to get comfortable being in the moment and responding on the spot. I’d recommend it to anyone!

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  4. Awesome article! You highlighted the value of being cognizant of how one thinks, speaks and acts Internally and Externally. Are there any books which inspire your perspective?

  5. “Continuously speaking without authentic contribution to a conversation is the quickest way to get people to close their ears.” Thanks Lawrese for these tips…signing up for my first class today :-).

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