3 things you must do at every job interview


Interviews can be incredibly nerve-racking. No matter how many times you rehearse answers to common interview questions or how much time you spend researching the employer, it’s easy to feel underprepared. However, instead of trying to remember every detail, what if you focused on a few key tactics you knew would leave a lasting impression?

Over on Job Mob, Thomas Taylor outlines three things you should do at every interview to impress the interviewer. Here’s one tip that stood out to us:

Give examples

It’s more than likely that you’ll never have met the interviewer. Somehow, though, you have to convince them that you’re the person for the job.


You prove you’re not just blowing hot air, by supporting your answers with examples: of problems you’ve solved, of (good) results, of how you’ve turned things around in some way (if that’s the case).

Show that you understand the job requirements. Demonstrate that you know about the sector by highlighting key statistics or referring to the latest developments — remember to check the trade press that day (online and off).

Avoid sounding like a know-it-all, though. Quote relevant statistics without slipping into long-winded monologues. Likewise, drop a name once or twice, but don’t litter the conversation with every big name you’ve worked with.

Nobody likes a boaster.

Read the rest of his advice here.

This advice isn’t just great for the interview; it’s also good to keep in mind when crafting your cover letter and resume. The three questions many hiring managers have are: Can you do the job? Will you do job? Will you fit in? So emphasizing your accomplishments, your fit, and your ability to excel in your role goes a long way to answering those questions and giving you an edge in the job hunt.

What do you think of these interview tips? Have any others to add? Share them in the comments.

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