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  1. This post came at just the right time. I have two part-time jobs in children’s rights, both based in London. For one, I work directly with children with disabilities, training them to become self-advocates, peer researchers and advocates for their peers. Every week I see their confidence growing, their understanding of their rights improving, and change happening in the local area due to the work that they are doing.

    The other one is desk-based, working on a large-scale international project which is creating a training and resource hub to mainstream child-rights based approaches in organisations and work. I am a remote worker, and our participants live and work across East Africa and Eastern Europe. Many of them do not even work directly with children, so I am very far removed from the impact on the ground. Hopefully following these tips will reconnect me with the importance of that work.

    • Philippa, thank you so much for sharing about your work! Happy to hear that our article came at a good time, and hope our readers find something they relate to in your comment as well. Thanks for the good work that you do.

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