Burnout and Balance

Some advice on how to battle burnout while searching for a job and trying to change the world.

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In honor of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, we support our readers’ strides towards better health and improving fitness practices. While many of us desire to get in a workout after work, the reality might be quite different from what we envision. To keep us all motivated, I’ve outlined some tactics that I’ve used to give me the gumption to get to the gym.

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The benefits of regularly training your attention in this way are numerous. There are the immediate benefits of being less “mindless” or habitual. By acknowledging the uncertainty and change occurring in the present, we can respond and adapt to what is actually happening, rather than to our assumptions

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After years of working in the political sphere and fighting for causes and candidates she believed in, Emilie realized that putting the same commitment into herself was the only way to sustain the go-go-go pace she was sprinting. The work she did on her own development and self-care formed the basis of BossedUp.

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