Burnout and Balance

Some advice on how to battle burnout while searching for a job and trying to change the world.

Burnout and Balance microphone podcast

Once I discovered the vast world of podcasts, I started listening and voraciously gathering information about careers, finding one’s passion, and using one’s career to contribute to making the world a better place. I’ve also contemplated how to apply key points from non-career episodes to some aspect of the world of work and vocation.

Burnout and Balance

When trying to solve a problem- whether it’s a workplace issue, discovering your path to leadership, or finding a new job- it can feel like you are either focusing on it ad nauseum or avoiding it with time fillers. Try some activities that have little to do with focusing on your problem- this might be the ticket for boosting your mood and your success!

Burnout and Balance stress

There seems to be a hidden switch that’s flipped which makes our stress levels jump from zero to one hundred when we commit ourselves to finding a job. But it makes sense: we invest a great amount of time and emotion when crafting an application that speaks to who we are, what we value, and what we can add to an organization — and sometimes it can feel like its own job.

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