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Find Your Passion fail

Exploration is a big part of finding your passion; you have to try different things, in different settings, in order uncover what you love. However, while exploring you also risk failing, which we tend to avoid. In this way, could a fear of failure hold us back?

Job Search test

In addition to making a difference, you want to feel that your needs are being nurtured and that the position allows you to steer your career and mission in the direction you desire. But how do you identify whether the job you found fits the bill?

Job Search clash

Today’s Ask Victoria is from a reader who is dealing with unsupportive management and a revamped staff of new employees who are still getting their feet wet. She is finding herself overworked and burnt out at the small organization she works for and asking herself the question, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Job Interviews tew

Great performers actually have to bring authenticity to their roles and their preparation often reflects the same challenges many of us experience as job seekers. With the need for confidence, focus, and ability to deliver what you claim to provide the organization, there are many similarities.

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