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If you are an outgoing, people-loving type of person, today is your lucky day. In this job roundup we will be highlighting jobs well suited for extroverts!

Job Search London landmarks, union jack vintage collage

The United Kingdom is home not only to David Beckham, the Beatles, and Big Ben; it also houses some wonderful nonprofit organizations looking for great talent to join their ranks. For this Job Roundup, we’re taking a trip across the pond to bring you job opportunities in the UK!

Job Search World AIDS protection

While new treatments have helped some people reduce transmission rates and manage symptoms, prevention is still an important aspect of helping vulnerable populations deal with HIV and AIDS. There are many ways you can get involved, and here are just a few of the jobs currently offered on

Job Search Human Rights

Have you been looking for an opportunity to make an impact on society but don’t know where to start looking? Well, look no further! In honor of Human Right’s day, this week we will be highlighting a few of the opportunities available on Idealist in the field of human rights.

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