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  1. Kristine Lyons on

    My core skill sets are social service and imagining innovative solutions. My surplus of compassion drives all my friends, family, and even people I’ve just met to me with their troubles and anxieties, looking for comfort and reassurance. I’ve always been exceptionally passionate about resolving social issues, so I’m looking for opportunities in the community to alleviate societal difficulties through qualitative research and action.

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  4. My core skill set is organizational management. I am often complimented for my ability to focus on the long-term goals while also overseeing the short-term daily tasks. I have benefited from over a decade of experience in private education and am ready to utilize those skills in a different environment where I can affect change in a different way. I am very passionate about the younger generations having the knowledge and skill set they need to succeed in their dreams, so I am looking for opportunities in the community where I am able to assist individuals in accessing quality programs that help them succeed.

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