Get the Experience to Land the Job: A New 6-Part Series


We get a lot of questions from our readers that go a little something like this:

“I’m really interested in [FILL IN THE BLANK], but I don’t have any formal experience. How can I build my resume to get the gig?”

Getting legitimate nonprofit experience under your belt isn’t always as easy as volunteering with your organization of interest. In fact, as the nonprofit and social-impact sectors continue to evolve, skills that may have once been highly sought after almost exclusively in the private sector are now popping up in nonprofit job descriptions more and more often.

But if you’ve never done it before, how can you get the experience?

Next week, we’ll publish the first post in our six-part series exploring a variety of job titles and types in the nonprofit and social-impact sectors and what they usually entail. For each job or area of expertise, we’ll offer some examples of how to gain credible experience that you can feature on your resume.

We already have quite a few job titles and focus areas on our list—development manager, program analyst, and communications manager to name a few—but let us know if there’s a particular job type or title that you’d like us to tackle as a part of the series and we’ll do our best!

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