How to follow up on a job interview


So you had a great interview and are eagerly waiting to hear back from the hiring manager. Two weeks go by and still…nothing. What should you do?

Over on US News and World Report, HR-expert Alison Green suggests sending a short follow up email that specifically asks for a timeline (not a general update). Here’s a sample email she suggests:

“Hi Jane, you’d mentioned that you were hoping to be ready to move forward on the Communications Manager position by the end of the month, so I wanted to check in with you. I’m very interested in the role, even more so after our last conversation, and would love to know what your timeline looks like moving forward.”

Read the rest of her advice on US News and World Report.

This email works well if you were given a timeline during the job interview. If you weren’t, Green recommends sending a modified version of this email two weeks after your interview.

What do you think of this email? Any other tips to add? Share them in the comments.

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