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  1. Reason for leaving ..it’s give more idea to face new job applied where we boost that strength nd face it….thanks

  2. What a lovely read! I really agree with presenting your reasoning behind leaving head-on instead of beating around the bush or trying to sugarcoat it! If your future boss asks you why you left your last job, what better way to show that you’re a mature adult than by expressing in your actions that you are the type of person that will not hide from the past and will stick firmly to the ideals that you believe in — which in this case, is that you were unsatisfied with your previous job and wanted something else!

  3. Exactly, Caitlyn! Don’t hide from the past, and don’t sugarcoat. It’s better to be brave and embrace your journey and stay proud of your path––it’s made you who you are and will shape where you’re going! Thank you so much for your feedback! Stay in touch! 🙂

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