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Links We Love: Empathy in philanthropy, story-selling, and being an idea entrepreneur

Welcome to Friday, fellow Idealists! Here is a list of links that kept us thinking and buzzing this week.

Photo credit: Brian A. Jackson, Shutterstock

Photo credit: Brian A. Jackson, Shutterstock



  • If your organization does good, it’s time to tell your story. believes we need to adopt the idea of “story-selling”:

That’s where I believe a better, more refined approach is needed. I call it story-selling. Take the shoe company TOMS, which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. A consumer’s action caused a reaction. Now that’s compelling!


  • How can you create influence in a world of competing ideas? John Butman, author of “Breaking Out,” says the secret lies in what he calls the “idea entrepreneur.” Watch the video to here what he has to say.

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