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  1. “Get out of the house”. This is really important. We need face to face interaction with other human beings. But it also has implications for the job search. In my case, I’ve had a meandering career path, so my resumé is pretty unimpressive. I present better in person, and that can make all the difference. I recently landed an interview as the result of talking with someone at a meetup.

    If looking for a job is a job, then work on improving your skills for doing it. I attend free job-search workshops and classes at the local library and at various nonprofits. Not only do I learn something, these are also potential networking opportunities. Read books. There are lots of good ones out there. I’m currently reading “Cracking the Hidden Job Market” by Donald Asher. Highly recommended.

    • Yes, getting out of the house is extremely important — thank you for sharing your experience, Earl!

      It is so easy (and much too comfortable) to hide behind a computer screen endlessly clicking the “Apply” button, feeling productive. But, as you’ve shown, face-to-face meetings are MUCH more effective. Hope you knock it out of the park at the interview and land that new job!

  2. Really lovely and informative article!

    I agree that even if you want to aim big, it’s fine to start small since the very act of starting is already half of the battle!

  3. We’ve got the same situation, @Earl Fong. My resumes are also not that impressive but when they called me out for an interview I’ve got maximum confidence and everything was doing more than beautifully.

    Getting out of the house is a really important part of job search.

    Thanks for the great article, Susan!

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