Low salaries, the Super Bowl, and voluntourism: What happened this week?


Here’s a roundup of what’s buzzing in the social sector this week.

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee, Creative Commons/Flickr

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee, Creative Commons/Flickr

Big debate: who’s more charitable?

This Sunday’s Super Bowl has taken over most of the online buzz this week, even in the nonprofit space. In addition to the coverage of how Super Bowl fans are giving back to the city of New Orleans, there was also a debate about which city is more charitable: San Francisco or Baltimore.

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On Huffington Post Live, there was a great Google+ Hangout conversation on the issue of low-paying jobs in the nonprofit sector. Hear from Laura Gassner-Otting, of the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group; Mark Culliton, of CollegeBoundDorchester.org; Sammy Redd, from the New College Institute; Ameena Matthews, from CeaseFire; and Trish Tchume, of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, in this conversation with Huffington Post Live reporter and author Nancy Redd.

  • Watch the preview of Girl Rising, a documentary produced by 10×10, a nonprofit that leverages films and partnerships to promote the education of girls around the world. The film follows 10 girls from different countries as they work to achieve their dreams. Screened at Sundance in January, the film is already generating buzz.
  • Check out this video clip on Recruiting in the Nonprofit Sector, from LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference in Las Vegas in October 2012.

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  1. Thank you for the post on voluntourism. It’s hard to find much discussion on this topic; on or offline. Keep up the good stuff

  2. @Bryan: You’ll find great resources at Good Intentions Are Not Enough (www.goodintents.org) about volunteering abroad, charitable giving, aid, etc.

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