Make it a Happy Thanksgiving: Ways to Hear “You’re Hired!” During the Holidays


As Thanksgiving in the U.S. quickly approaches, many of us are planning for the “official” start of the holiday season. Whether you are in a state of frenzied nostalgia and excitement, or scheduling some down time with friends and family, the question of whether to continue your job search might be one you are pondering.

In this video interview with Dick Bolles, esteemed author of What Color is Your Parachute? and online job search expert Susan Joyce, you’ll get the low-down on navigating your job search during the holidays. The how-to’s include:

– how to give yourself an edge during holiday time

– how to coordinate and get the most out of an informational interview

– how to convince an employer you are willing to relocate, even if you (currently) live far away

– how to use social media to find a job

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