Jobs Roundup: Jobs in Nursing

In homage to all the nurses and future nurses out there, here are some opportunities listed on Idealist where you can put that nursing degree to good use.


HR Insider: How I Hire at Education Outside

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura Espino, People & Operations Manager at Education Outside, an organization that sparks children’s interest in science and connects them to the natural world through hands-on learning in school gardens.


Funding Your Grad School Dreams

If you’ve been looking for a way to stand out from the crowd of fellow job seekers vying for a nonprofit career, the idea of earning a graduate degree in a program that best supports your career interests may have come to mind. This article is an entryway into the exciting (and daunting!) world of graduate school funding opportunities.


How to Get Motivated for Your After-Work Workout

In honor of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, we support our readers’ strides towards better health and improving fitness practices. While many of us desire to get in a workout after work, the reality might be quite different from what we envision. To keep us all motivated, I’ve outlined some tactics that I’ve used to give me the gumption to get to the gym.

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