Ask Victoria: How do I Battle Negativity At Work?

“Frankly, I am truly unhappy with the job that I currently have because I have plateaued, there is no where to move up in the organization, I am under really poor management, and I do not agree with the organization’s mission and how they carry out their work. Is there any advice that you have to move past this negativity and not project it when I am in interviews or not let it dampen my confidence?”


How to Survive Awkward Holiday Conversations About Your Career

I dreaded having family and friends asking me during the holidays, “so what are you doing next?” not just because I wasn’t really sure how to answer it, but because I honestly didn’t know! It felt sorta embarrassing to seem like I was constantly trying to “figure it out.”

Over time, I’ve come to realize a few things about these conversations and encounters. Read my solutions for surviving them!


4 Steps to Overcome Job Stress Using the “Says Who?” Method

The Says Who? method is a straightforward, powerful way of questioning and challenging those thoughts, stopping them right in their tracks. And by facing a negative thought with a question, we find out if it’s true — or if we can just let it go


Two Tools for Finding a Fulfilling Career

If you’re one of the many who is not feeling purpose in your work, how can you find an organization and role that needs your skills and values your ideals? Use these two tools to help you out!

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