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If you’ve been wondering how to amp up your professional development pursuits this summer and are seeking a low-cost alternative to traveling to a conference, you might just be in luck! While attending a conference might typically bring to mind packing, plane tickets, and in-person networking, there are other professional development options that can provide similar benefits. Have you ever considered a virtual summit?

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) National Conference & Leaders Institute is an annual event that brings together YNPN leaders from across the country for three days of networking, professional development, and chapter collaboration. While this year’s conference will be held in the social sector heart of the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Oregon, a virtual component will be offered for the first time, ever.



Participate in a full day of professional development in the comfort of your own home!

Like its live counterpart, the virtual conference is a professional development opportunity for emerging leaders across the country. With the virtual option, you’ll be engaging with your peers online and watching plenary sessions from the live event in Portland for a full day of programming on Friday, August 5th. Virtual conference participants will also have the chance to attend  workshops designed specifically for the online audience.

When you sign up for this exciting opportunity, you gain access to sessions such as Designing Your Blueprint for Meaningful Work (presented by Arthur Woods, Co-Founder of Imperative), and the live-streamed plenary, “What the Bleep is Social Good?” (by Vu Le, Executive Director and Writer, Rainier Valley Corps and Nonprofit with Balls).

Learn more and sign up today! Enjoy the virtual conference!

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  1. Victoria, I enjoy your insightful advice to young professionals, but I’m interested in seeing articles for a more mature audience. The job market is equally challenging and more in many cases, for older workers who have been downsized, layer off or over looked for growth because of age. Many older workers are willing to take less than senior management positions to provide the middle level support however they are overlooked. I know mature workers who are computer savvy and open to new technology environments but their success in the current job market is marginal at best. Your expertise for mature workers is appreciated.

    • Hello Veronica, thank you for reaching out. We do publish articles that are geared towards the more mature job seeker. While we understand that older workers do have challenges different from your average job seeker, much of the job search advice spans across generations. Advice about targeting your resume towards the specific job, making a connection between the organization’s mission and your passion for that work in your cover letter, and interviewing techniques will apply regardless of age. You may also find some inspiration in this article about an over-60 job seeker who changed careers. To your success, Victoria

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