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3 mistakes to avoid if you’re quitting your job

There are many reasons you might quit your job: you want a new challenge, a new opportunity has appeared that you can’t resist, or where you currently work just isn’t the right fit for you. Regardless of why you leave, there are a few things to avoid when you leave.

In this short video, career coach Tim Tyrell-Smith offers three tips to keep in mind when you leave to ensure you don’t burn any bridges. Though they might seem obvious, it’s all to easy to get caught in thrill of moving and risk alienating your current colleagues.


What other tips would you add?

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  1. mightyeve

    Do not necessarily agree with these ideas. it all depends on the sector you are working in, the importance you attach to that job which of course depends on the career steps you would choose next, the kind of ‘torture’ you have been gone through during your working days, and how long you actually stayed in that job.

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