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You know the feeling. You’re reading career article after career article, pouring over great tips and applying the insights to your job search. You feel overwhelmed → confident→ overwhelmed → inspired → and back to confident again. The self-led approach of piecing all the information together is good, and it can work really well for many job seekers…but perhaps you’re looking for a little more support.

Perhaps you hoped to have the opportunity to attend an Idealist Careers in-person workshop but time or distance would not allow. Maybe you’ve participated in our “Write a Stand-Out Resume” e-class and want to go the extra step towards success. Idealist Careers now proudly presents a new option for you!

Reboot Your Resume: 4 Strategies for Improving Your Resume is an online, on-demand video course in which you will be able to:

  • Understand what an employer needs by analyzing the job description.
  • Match your experience to the needs of the job and learn how to present it to the employer in a wow-worthy way.
  • Using timeless resume tips, put yours together in a stand-out way to catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Imagine if the resume advice you’ve been reading on Idealist Careers could be lifted off the page and delivered as an on-demand video course. Bring Allison Jones, Editor and Victoria Crispo, Program Coordinator at Idealist Careers right into your living room when you sign up! Watch the lessons from your bedroom or favorite comfy chair, or download them (using the Udemy app) and watch during your morning commute.

When you purchase the class, you gain:

  • Over 12 lectures and 35 minute of content, as well as the ability to download content to your mobile device.
  • Your own private area for taking notes on each lecture.
  • Worksheets to help you put the material into action.
  • An in-depth interview with the HR Partner of Dress for Success WorldWide on what it takes to stand out in the job search.
  • Access to your course instructors who will address your questions in the discussion forum.
  • Opportunity to give and get feedback from fellow classmates in a private setting.

We built this class off of our previous workshops. Participants have said:

All the staff from Idealist was really nice and supportive. The speakers were very helpful. – Anelia L.

Allison and Victoria were so helpful and stayed late to help! They were open and answered everyone’s questions! – Anonymous

I had the opportunity to meet amazing people who are changing the world. What more could you want? – Martin Lockman

Interested in experiencing what Idealist Careers has to offer for yourself? We look forward to having you on board and seeing you in class! It’s a great time to reinvigorate your job search, so get your resume from “blah” to “wow!” right away!

Have questions? Send them to us at

Note: As an introductory promotion, we offered this course at a discounted rate of $19, a 34% savings off the original price. If you’re reading this after July 8th, you missed out on our first promotion, but stay tuned for future deals!


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