Tips For Staying Cool and Confident During Your Summer Job Search


How do you maintain your confidence when you feel like the job search is breaking it down? This week’s Ask Victoria question is from a reader who has been feeling the strain of applying constantly for jobs, and who is seeking some tips for boosting her confidence as she continues her search.

Hi Victoria,

I just read your column on Idealist Careers and I was wondering if you have any tips or advice on how to boost my confidence during my job search. I feel like the process so far has been a grind and also rather soul-sucking as I try to sell myself to as many organizations as possible so that I can get a job soon.



Hi Melissa!

You hit the nail on the head- while keeping your confidence up throughout your job search can be challenging, it is also essential to your success! If you’re not feeling good about yourself, it’s likely that you will have more difficulty in presenting yourself as a strong candidate to an employer during your interview.

So what can you do?

One thing I would recommend is to schedule your calendar so that you reserve blocks of time for job seeking, some time for reflection and relaxation, and to also make sure you have time for fun and socialization. Do the things that feel good to you. Keep up with your hobbies and fitness regimen, incorporate the foods that work best for your diet, and surround yourself with the people who contribute to you feeling like your best self. By paying heed to these other important areas of life, you just may find a shift in your ability to stay confident in your job search.

I have a few other suggestions you may want to try:

Imagine a time when you felt really confident

An exercise that I find helpful in building up my confidence is to think about a time during which I felt extremely self-assured. What were the conditions surrounding that situation that made it so?

Let’s say I was preparing to present a workshop to 75 attendees. The last time I presented a session to 25 attendees, I was able to capture their attention, receive insightful questions, and get great feedback from the audience.

To replicate this for my workshop with more attendees, I would think about my previous experience. Perhaps I felt really comfortable with the subject material by practicing my talking points. I wore my “lucky outfit”, read an inspirational article earlier that day, and tested my audio/visual equipment to make sure everything was in proper working order.

By recalling the positive experience I had during my earlier presentation, I can use the same practical steps I did before: make sure I have valid talking points, practice my material, and read a series of uplifting quotes. Taking it a step further, I could even envision that the audience that was so attentive during my presentation is actually cheering me on this time around.  

Stop selling yourself to as many organizations as possible

I’ve said this recently, but I’ll say it again- focus on quality rather than quantity. Instead of applying to as many organizations as possible, selectively approach the ones with missions that resonate most with you, that allow you to do work that inspires and motivates you. While job searching may feel like a desperate proposition, it is better to keep your focus targeted and specialized rather than cast a wide net.

Make sure that each job application you send is highly customized to the organization and clearly responds to the question “why should I hire you?” Demonstrate a solid match between your skills and the organization’s needs.

Surround yourself with positive energy

Yes, this sounds hokey and a little “woo-woo“, but give it a try and see how it works for you. If you’re having trouble maintaining your confidence, be sure to spend time with people who naturally have a positive view of themselves. Observe their behavior and model yours after what you see working for them. This isn’t about being something that you are not, but rather employing strategies that will make it easier for you to tap into your own self-confidence.

To your success,


What are your tips for maintaining your confidence during a job search? Share with Melissa and the rest of the Idealist Careers community by posting a comment below!

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  1. Excellent advice. I couldn’t have said it better. I try to keep my spirits up during job searching. I have targeted companies I would like to work for instead of, just general companies. Also positivity and doing things you like and help you are essential.

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