Using LinkedIn to find a job? Here’s what recruiters look for


If LinkedIn is part of your job search tool kit, there is no shortage of resources showing you how to leverage the site to build your network and learn more about your field. But how do you stand out to recruiters who also use LinkedIn?

Over at LifeHack, Sudy Bharadwaj—co-founder and CEO of Jackalope Jobs, a platform that helps job seekers find a job via their social networks—outlines four characteristics of a great LinkedIn profile that recruiters look for. Here is one that stood out to us:


A thumbs-up from a member of your network does more than boost your profile; it lets a recruiter know that others can vouch for you. After all, referrals are one of the number one sources of hire. When you have enough recommendations in your LinkedIn profile, a recruiter may be curious enough to consider you as a candidate.

Quick tip: When asking for a recommendation, try to suggest specific events or instances that show why you’re a candidate of value. For example: if you helped your team to acquire 10 new clients over the course of the year, ask a member of your network to note this.

Read the rest of his advice on LifeHack.

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