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Want a career fighting HIV and AIDS? Check out these job opportunities

Take the Test, Take Control. National HIV Testing Day – 6/27/2010

Today is National HIV Testing Day! And the theme is Take the Test. Take Control. The first and best way to get involved today is to get tested yourself. You can find testing locations across the U.S. here. Then take a look at all the ways you can make a career out of fighting HIV and AIDS.

You could become a tester yourself! New York’s Hetrick-Martin Institute needs an Outreach Specialist/HIV Tester to support at risk youth.



If you’ve got experience as a caseworker, you could make a huge difference in the lives of people with HIV.

Want to do more behind-the-scenes work? Organizations tackling HIV/AIDS need all kinds of support!

If you love working with youth, look no further than DC’s Metro TeenAIDS. They need a Director of School Services to supervise federally funded HIV/AIDS education and prevention curriculum to 6,000 middle and high school students and supervision of HIV-related after-school and parent programming. Pretty cool.

Nonprofits and government agencies across the United States have been doing incredible work in HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and support and made enormous strides in what it means to live with HIV/AIDS today. Take the test. Take control. Then take advantage of one of these fantastic opportunities to do great work.


  1. Wanted some additional information on opportunities to work in the HIV/AIDS community. Are there any positions available in the Charleston, SC area. I have a friend that is an advocate for HIV/AIDS education because she has been living with the disease since 2005 and I think with the platform she has already establish and an opportunity to gain employment doing what she loves to do, she would make an impact on the community and the world. She has done numerous speaking engagements at the Nations Capitol telling her story and advising people no to be a statistic of not knowing. If there is any position that you feel she could work, please email me back and I will connect with her.

    Thank you,
    Samantha Walters

    • Hi Samantha!

      Thanks for your comment. Currently, there aren’t any opportunities on dealing directly with HIV/AIDS in Charleston, SC. However, if you create an email alert, you can get emails sent directly to you or your friend whenever a job in that field is listed on our site.

      Click here to see the jobs listed in South Carolina and create an email alert.

      I hope this helps!


      • Akilah Shelley

        I currently live and work in Jamaica at the Ministry of Health on a Global Fund HIV/STI prevention project (Outreach Officer).

        I am thinking about possibly relocating to Florida. Can you make any recommendations on where I could start looking for a job in HIV/STI prevention? I would like to start networking and exploring job opportunities there.


  2. Cheryl M. Walker

    I am a Stroke Survivor looking for part time employment with other Stroke Survivors or training in the medical field to help.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for your note! There are over 100 organizations on our website that focus on supporting people who are recovering from a stroke. Check them out here and see if one is near you.

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