What do you think of this resume makeover?


An oldie-but-goodie for Throwback Thursday.

Crafting a resume can be one of the most challenging aspects of job hunting. While some advice is pretty standard—focus on accomplishments instead of duties and don’t include jobs that aren’t relevant to the position—other components, such as length and including photos, are still up for debate.

That being said, what are some tips that can give seekers an edge when putting together their resumes? What does the perfect resume look like?

Over on Business Insider, editor Vivian Giang had her resume revamped by a pro, focusing on 13 elements of a strong resume. Here is her resume before the makeover:

Photo credit: Vivian Giang, Shutterstock

Photo credit: Vivian Giang, Business Insider

And after:

Photo credit: Vivian Giang, Business Insider

Photo credit: Vivian Giang, Business Insider

Read the rationale behind the changes on Business Insider.

While there are changes that make sense to me (including social media links, moving education to the bottom, removal of irrelevant jobs), there are some that I wouldn’t think to make (including a professional summary and list of core competencies). Additionally, while I find the new version much easier to read, the only job that lists accomplishments is the first job—what about the others?

What do you think of this resume makeover? Share your insights below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!

    I think accomplishments should be noted, at least 2 – 5 should be listed. In addition to noting if you saved the company money. That’s a selling point anywhere you go!

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