Why your LinkedIn in profile can’t just replicate your resume


LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for building your network, finding job opportunities, and keeping your online presence up-to-date. However, when you are looking for a job, should your LinkedIn profile read the same as your resume?

Lindsay Pollack, job search expert and LinkedIn ambassador, says yes and no. While the sections and keywords you use in your resume will likely be replicated on your profile, there four key distinctions to keep in mind if you’re leveraging LinkedIn in your job search:

Third party contributions.  On resumes, it’s not customary to provide recommendations from others about your work.  The resume is all about you, written by you.  On LinkedIn profiles, recommendations and endorsements of your “Skills & Expertise” speak volumes, and it’s a great idea to have your network contribute.  Ask your supervisor for a recommendation.  Give authentic endorsements to others, and it’s likely they will return the favor to you.  When recruiters land on your profile, they’ll note your commendations favorably.

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How do you structure your LinkedIn profile? What are some examples of LinkedIn profiles that have impressed you? Share them below in the comments.

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