In the Office

Keeping Things Positive | How to Nip Workplace Gossip in the Bud

When you work with the same people day after day, you’ll inevitably talk about each other. Sometimes this chatter is harmless, but occasionally, it’s toxic—rumors and negative gossip alienate people, erode morale, and contribute to an anxious, divisive workplace. If you find yourself in a job where gossip is flourishing, you can take steps to […]


Take Our Quiz | So, How Was the Meeting? (According to Oprah)

For most of us, meetings are a normal—if not always a favorite—part of our day-to-day life at the office. Launching a project? Debriefing after an event? Getting to know your new team? Reflecting on last quarter? Sounds like it’s time for a meeting! While we’ve all sat through meetings that inspired us, as well as […]

Resume and Cover Letter

Best Font Forward | Typing Your Way to a Resume that Stands Out

you look good

From word choice to line spacing, there are plenty of ways to tweak a resume format for a stellar first impression. But you shouldn’t forget that your font choice can make a subtle—but powerful—difference too. Good fonts make the best use of your limited first-glance window. The average recruiter or hiring manager will skim a […]

Burnout and Balance

Make Happiness Your Agenda: 5 Proven Methods

Today (March 20, 2019) is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. First celebrated in 2013, this day illustrates a global shift away from measuring “progress” in terms of economic growth and toward greater emphasis on human well-being. In essence, this day embodies what so many of us do in the social-impact world: striving to […]