In the Office

How to Ask for What You Need at Work

Even when your nonprofit job is rewarding, there may still be times when you feel compelled to re-examine things a bit, if only to keep yourself on the right track. And one you go down that road of exploring what may need to change, it can be difficult to work up the nerve to ask […]

Career Change

From Private to Nonprofit | Inside the Culture Shift, Part 3


Plenty of people switch from the private to the nonprofit sector hoping to make a difference. But what happens when you go for the sector switch and land in unfamiliar territory? The for-profit and nonprofit worlds have some noteworthy distinctions—and similarities—that make this change both compelling and surprising. This article is the third in a […]

The Job Search

Here’s What’s New at

If you’ve visited our parent site,, since November 27, then you’ve probably noticed plenty of exciting and beautiful updates. And if it’s been a while since you’ve browsed our job, internship, volunteer, and organization listings, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newly updated […]


How to Totally Nail Your Next Phone Interview

coffee and phone

If you’re the kind who likes to meet someone face to face, the prospect of a phone interview can be quite nerve-wracking. You can’t see the facial expressions of your interviewer to know how you’re doing, you can’t show your enthusiasm through body language, and a bad connection can impede your ability to be at […]