How to Answer Interview Questions like a STAR

woman in interview

Behavioral interview questions—the ones that usually start with “Tell me about a time when…”—can often be the hardest to answer. You have to recall a relevant experience and explain what happened in a way that shows you’re well-suited for the job, without taking up too much time. Fortunately, there’s a trick to answering behavioral interview […]

Over 50

Learning New Technology After 50 | Top Tips

Wrinkled Hands Typing on Laptop

Whether you’re a tech newbie or a confident veteran, it’s easy to feel that as soon as you have mastered one piece of technology, it all changes. If you’re over 50, you have likely learned that nothing is constant and have gone through your fair share of changes over the course of your career. But […]

Burnout and Balance

Stuck in a Winter Funk? 4 Tips for Finding Your Way Out

woman standing in the snow with her face hidden

Everything can feel a little harder in the middle of winter: getting out of bed, going outside to walk the dog or take out the trash, and staying motivated at work when the days are short and the to-do lists are long. Even if the reasons for your winter funk are unrelated to your job, […]


3 Tips for Rewriting Your Story | A Guide to a Great Interview

woman reading

Most of us walk into an interview with the idea that there is a gap between our qualifications and the qualifications necessary for the job, whether or not that gap actually exists. Instead of preparing to highlight our strengths, we worry about how we’ll go about hiding our weaknesses. The thing is, we all have […]