International Internships | Make Your Dream a Reality

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Do you dream about traveling to far off lands? Do you want to be immersed in another culture? And do you want to build up your resume and network while doing it? Then an international internship might be for you. And despite some common misconceptions, they are easier to obtain then you may think. Read […]

Idealists in the World

When Faith and Career Intersect | Working at a Faith-Based Organization


A common piece of career advice is to avoid sharing your faith and other deeply personal topics at work. But for some social-impact professionals, faith and work are inextricably linked. Faith-based organizations are in almost every part of the social-impact sector, from direct service to philanthropy and issue advocacy. If you’ve built homes with Habitat […]


Take Our Quiz | Resume and Cover Letter Typo Hunt

Ask any hiring manager or HR professional and she’ll let you know that typos often take the cake for most common, cringe-worthy application errors. While some hiring managers may offer you the benefit of the doubt and continue reading your resume after finding an error in your materials, others will quickly shuffle your application to […]


The Reason You’re Not Getting Interviews

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“I’ve been looking for a job for months now. I’ve probably submitted more than 100 resumes, and I haven’t gotten a single interview. I know I’m qualified, too.” As a career coach, I hear variations of this sentiment almost daily. The frustration in my clients’ voices rings alongside their worry and pleading. I also hear […]