In the Office

Say My Name | Why Pronouncing Names Correctly is Important

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Most people would agree that names matter. At the most basic level, they serve as important identifiers. We introduce ourselves with them. We even choose new ones because they are more aligned with our identities.  Given their elemental importance, it should then follow that the pronunciation of names should also matter. And perhaps they do. […]

The Job Search

Who’s Hiring | 7 Orgs Recruiting for Back-to-School Season

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With summer coming to an end, it’s time for scarves and all things pumpkin-scented. But perhaps most importantly, it’s back-to-school season! Whether you’re looking for a teaching job or want to spend some time volunteering in the education sector, here are seven organizations searching for new talent! GO Project—New York, NY GO Project is currently […]

Career Planning

Graduate School: Which Path is Right for You? Part 2

University library

In the first post of this two-part series, I cover two aspects of choosing the right graduate degree, choosing between certificate, master’s, and PhD programs, and choosing between a subject matter degree (which teaches you the “what”) and a professional degree (which teaches you the “how”). Now it’s time to explore the different ways to […]

In the Office

Perfecting the Art of Praise | How to Recognize Success in the Workplace

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In a profession marked by challenges and change, both praise and recognition can have a powerful impact in the workplace. Effectively communicating appreciation has the potential to keep workers engaged, improve retention, boost performance, build trust, and strengthen relationships. Plus, acknowledging the efforts of others contributes to positive office culture and community. There is no […]