In the Office

Want to Keep Learning? Look to Your Co-workers for Inspiration


When we feel stuck or uninspired at work, it’s easy to assume that we need to add more responsibilities to our proverbial plate, get a promotion, or even get another job in order to feel re-engaged or re-committed. But sometimes, it only takes a slight change of perspective to take us down a whole new […]

Resume and Cover Letter

A Little Bit of Everything on Your Resume? That’s a Strength!

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If you’re a social-impact professional among friends who hold corporate positions, you’ve probably noticed that your resume looks a little different than theirs. Odds are, yours is filled with a greater number and wider variety of projects. In a world where common wisdom says staying in a position less than two years is a red […]

In the Office

Tips for Young Professionals Working Through a Serious Illness

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“I like to think of myself as Leslie Knope a little bit,” says Channing Barker, communications director for Benton County, AR. While they both have blonde hair and a passion for government, the similarities between Barker and the “Parks and Recreation” character go much deeper. Leslie Knope is persistent. Nothing gets her down. And you […]

Social-Impact Lifestyle

Volunteer Abroad as a Mid-Career Professional | A How-to Guide

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Maybe you never got the chance to study or volunteer abroad while you were in college, and now you’re working full time and thinking that you probably missed your chance. Well, think again. There are tons of short-term international volunteer opportunities out there that can fit your schedule. You could build houses in Africa, provide […]