Salary and finance

Staying Healthy When Your Job Doesn’t Provide Health Insurance | Part 2

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Now that we’ve discussed some of your health coverage questions, let’s tackle dental and vision. These areas of coverage are usually included in health plans at a nominal fee for the insured. Dental and vision care Do you need to add this coverage to your plan? The answer depends on you as an individual. Dental […]

Career Change

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working with a Friend

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If you’re presented with an opportunity to work with a friend, it may seem like an easy decision. Work friendships are important after all, and if you already have a connection, it can be much easier to transition to a new role and organization. But before you jump at an opportunity to turn a friend […]

The Job Search

Ask Alexis | My Previous Supervisor Never Offered Critical Feedback

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Dear Ask Alexis, I was reviewing your article on Interview Q&A | “What are Your Greatest Professional Strengths and Weaknesses?”. I found it very good, and my basic response is that my weakness is that I never completely learned a second language but I’m using software and online resources to brush up, or the same […]


How to Explain a Career Gap on Your Resume

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Even if you have expertly prepped for an interview, stress over how to address a resume gap can be enough to throw you off your game. But as long as you follow some of our helpful tips below, you should have no trouble responding to this tricky question with ease. Be honest and authentic while […]