The Job Search

The 60% Rule | When to Apply for the Job

people in an interview

Have you ever read a job description and been intimidated from the sheer qualifications listed? You’re not alone: according to the Harvard Business Review, more than 40% of job seekers say they didn’t apply for a job because they felt unqualified. When you find a job that peaks your interest, do you meet every qualification […]

Career Change

From Private to Nonprofit | Inside the Culture Shift, Part 1

people in office

Plenty of people these days are making the move from the private to the nonprofit sector in order to use their powers for good. But what happens when someone goes for the sector-switch and lands in unfamiliar territory? The for-profit and nonprofit worlds have some noteworthy distinctions—and some surprising similarities—that make this change both compelling […]


Do’s and Don’ts for Connecting Over Email | Part 3


We hope you’ve been enjoying our series on dos and don’ts for connecting people over email. In the first post, we covered four tips for when you’re the person seeking an email introduction, and most recently, we offered tips for when you’re the person making the introduction. That brings us to our third and final […]

Salary and finance

Buying Time | Negotiating for Benefits Other Than Salary

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So, you got a job offer and you’re ready to move forward; congratulations! After you’ve taken some time to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction that comes with a job offer, the final step (if you plan to accept) is making sure that the compensation package fits your needs, both monetarily and otherwise. However, it’s important […]