12 great reads for college grads who want a social impact career

Photo credit: hxdbzxy, Shutterstock
Photo credit: hxdbzxy, Shutterstock

Though graduation season is long gone, we know the search for a great opportunity to give back continues for many college grads. In addition to our resources (which include helpful tips on how to write a resume, ace an interview, and search for the perfect job), here are a few articles to help you find your next gig.

The job search


Tips from a hiring manager: How college grads can give themselves an edge in the job hunt

 Add accomplishments to your resume; focus on practical experience over coursework; don’t be afraid of internships or busy work are just a few of the tips Ashley Putnam, an experienced recruiter and program director, says college grads need to follow.


Year of service and volunteering

shutterstock_92395162-13 ways a year of service in education can help you launch you social impact career

Year-of-service programs like Denver Math Fellows help you communicate effectively, ask for specific feedback so you can strengthen your skill set, and cultivate a sense of purpose. These three things will stay with you long into your career.


Handling your finances

shutterstock_541332733 helpful options for paying your students loans while working at a nonprofit

Did you know there are loan repayment programs for people who work at nonprofits? Learn about these and other opportunities to pay your student loans while working for the greater good.



shutterstock_124192996What if your network can’t help you find a job?

A common concern for many college grads is that their networks aren’t big or mature enough to help them find a job. While we believe our networks are more powerful than we think, there are some other ways to leverage your network, like asking for introductions instead of opportunities.


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