12 professional New Year’s resolutions for 2014 explained with GIFs

The end of December is always a time for reflection and planning for the year to come. As you make plans for 2014, consider these 12 ways to start the new year with your best professional foot forward!

Get to know your manager

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Understanding the way your boss works and thinks can help improve your working relationship. Don’t be afraid to invest energy in getting to know your boss (respectfully, of course)!

Figure out if it’s time for a new job

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It’s bound to happen at some point. If you wake up for work everyday and immediately want to go back to sleep, you may have outgrown your job.

Tackle longstanding workplace challenges head on

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If you’ve been avoiding certain challenges at work, this is the year to handle them. Get serious about making needed changes in your professional environment that impact your performance and well being.

Discover your dream job

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Finding the job of your dreams just takes time for reflection and a strategic game plan. Make this the year you put your career trajectory toward employment you love.

Start volunteering

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There are tons of ways you can help your community and even more ways why helping your community can help you. Make time this year to get involved and do good for someone outside of work.

Consider switching sectors

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Have you been thinking about leaving your for-profit job for a career in the nonprofit sector? Evaluate what you have to offer and take the plunge.

Identify your strengths

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We’re not good at everything, but knowing what you are good at can be a great professional advantage. Take time to name your strengths and grow them this year.

Start a personal project

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Starting that professional project you’ve been holding off on can lead to new professional opportunities. Let your work on the side move you in new and exciting directions!

Optimize your job search

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Spending a lot of time looking for a job can be both exhausting and messy. Get organized and strategic with your job hunt this new year.

Become a leader

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Even if “leader” isn’t in your job title, you can cultivate the skills it takes to take charge. This year, take charge of your professional development, whether you are a manager or not.

Build your network

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Expanding your professional network can lead to new career opportunities. With social media at your disposal, it’s never been easier to make new contacts and grow your circle.

Get a mentor

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Having a mentor can not only improve your skills at work, it can also give your career the boost you’ve been looking for. Take time in 2014 to ask for professional guidance from someone with experience in your industry.

What professional resolutions do you have this upcoming year? Tell us in the comments!



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