14 GIFs that explain the graduate school application process

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take a big step in your career by applying to graduate school. The application process can be daunting. Here are some GIFs to give you an idea what the experience will be like.

It all begins with realizing that, despite your undergraduate degree, you might need more schooling to get where you want to go in your career.


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You’ll first need to decide which programs to apply to that best fit your career goals.


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Once people hear you’re applying, they’ll want to know  all about where you want to go, and expect you to have very clear goals established for yourself.


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Really though, you might not have everything figured out just yet.


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Once you have your list of schools, you’ll start to dig into what is required for each application.


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And start the task of filling out each application.


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There will be times when you need to take a break.


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Applications will take over your free time, and when friends ask you to hang out, you’ll have only one response.


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As the deadline’s approach, there is no choice but to power through and finish what you started.


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And finally submit the applications.ccywd_22_563115

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Now, one of two things might happen. Either you’ll be celebrating a strong application to a great school that fits all your needs…

tumblr_m7o5rfapXy1qhw12j(Via zacharywestbrook)

Or you may be wishing you could un-submit your applications all together:



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So before you start your own grad application process, what steps can you take so you feel like this once it’s all over?


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Start off by attending an Idealist Grad Fair!


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The Idealist Grad Fairs connect prospective students with graduate schools in fields such as public administration, international affairs, education, public policy, public interest law, social work, nonprofit management, global and public health, theology, environmental science, and socially responsible business. The fairs are free and open to anyone interested in learning about grad school.

The first Idealist Grad Fair will be in New York City on September 16th. To see when Idealist will be in your area, check out our fair dates here.

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