4 resources for job seekers over 50

Photo credit: andia, Shutterstock

Photo credit: andia, Shutterstock

While we’ve shared some tips and resources for job seekers over 50 in the past, there are tons of great organizations and websites out there offering additional support. Here are a few we like:


As one of the largest and most vocal organizations for people over 50, AARP provides a variety of resources for job seekers while actively addressing pressing issues such as poverty, hunger, and homeless.

Get started: Visit Life Reimagined where they outline six steps to take to reboot your career and explore their list of the best employers for people over 50.


Encore.org is a nonprofit that encourages and supports “encore careers”: opportunities for people over 50 to give back to the greater good. In addition to conducting research on issues facing those interested in encore careers, they also provide resources for job seekers, grants for social entrepreneurs, and they work with employers and colleges on how to support encore workers.

Get started: Explore their resource center for job seekers over 50 and see if they have networking and community events in a city near you.

Next Avenue

Next Avenue by PBS offers actionable tips and features experts who share advice on how to navigate work, life, health and finances.

Get started: Check out their work and purpose section and watch a few videos chats with experts.


Launched in 2005, ReServe is a nonprofit that connects job seekers over 55 to paid part-time work at nonprofits and public agencies in seven cities.


Have other websites or organizations to recommend? Share them below.

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    • Best resource I have found in New York City is Senior Planet located in Chelsea. They have lots of free classes and programs.

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