How to stay organized while job hunting


Between job descriptions, cover letters, resumes, networking events, informational interviews, and more, there seems to be a lot to the saying that finding a job is a full-time job itself. How can you stay on top of all of the work you have to do?

Over on Brazen Careerist, Marian Schembari outlines four tips that helped her stay organized during her job search. Here is one that stood out to us:

Become best friends with your calendar

Randomly applying for jobs will not get you hired. My biggest successes have always come from meeting people in person.

Whether it’s at a formal networking event or meeting a friend of a friend at Starbucks, talking to humans always trumps applying online. Regularly talk to people who love their jobs. Buy them coffee in exchange for picking their brains about work, projects and valuable skills.

This means you need to invest time in organizing your calendar. And don’t forget to pencil in valuable Parks and Recreation time so you don’t go crazy — there is such a thing as too much networking.

Set a schedule for what you will do each day: Who you’ll reach out to, what jobs you’ll apply for and what action steps you can take. With an organized calendar, your job hunt will feel purposeful and productive instead of listless and hopeless.

Read the rest of her advice on Brazen Careerist.

While she is referring to networking in this tip, keeping a schedule is helpful for other aspects of job seeking as well. Setting aside time to network, work on resumes, follow up on leads, and even time to relax can make the job search feel much more manageable.

What do you do to stay organized during the job search? Share your tips in the comments.

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