5 podcasts that will help you accelerate your career

Photo credit: phloxii, Shutterstock
Photo credit: phloxii, Shutterstock

It never hurts to listen to good advice. These five podcasts offer great tools and guidance for how to navigate you professional life and get the most out of your job. Accelerate your career by giving them a listen!

Career Tools

Career Tools aims to give “practical and actionable guidance which you can implement today.” Topics covered range from “Accepting LinkedIn requests” to “Dealing with difficult bosses.” The same people host a Manager Tools podcast, geared towards managing successfully.

The Leadership Dojo

Alex Barker hosts “The Leadership Dojo,” where he talks about how to harness your influence and become a leader through practical, positive advice. The Leadership Dojo often hosts interviews with leaders from various fields speaking about everyday leadership challenges and strategies.

Accidental Creative

“An arms dealer for the creative revolution,” Accidental Creative talks about thriving as a creative worker while remaining balanced and happy. AC frequently invites authors and productivity gurus to speak about topics ranging from how to promote yourself to making commitments.

HBR ideacast

The HBR IdeaCast posts weekly podcasts, offering advice from the leading minds in management. Recent posts talk about leading authentically without oversharing and whether management actually matters.

Fundraising Fundamentals

Tony Martignetti, host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, talks in this podcast about fund raising, managing volunteers, and developing good board relationships. Recent posts include “How to build communities on social media” and “Raising money through crowdfunding.”

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