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  1. Great post. I really think the focus point is the key. It becomes very easy to ‘think’ that you are really working hard at your job search because you have a few feelers out there, when in reality you are probably averaging less than three applications a day. Also agree that you have to pick up whatever feedback you can and cast a very critical eye on your resume. The challenge is definitely to not become defensive and stubborn in the face of taking longer than planned. Tough process though.

  2. Sometimes they don’t even have the courtesy to communicate anything to you after a phone interview, personal interview, etc. Just not professional or proper etiquette. I usually ask for what I was lacking or could improve on in the future, also with no response. People and companies are so inconsiderate.

    • Disappointed in some people on

      Wilson, that is what disappoints me most of all about interviewing. Some of the worst are directors in fundraising offices. You email your thank you, then you never hear back from them. Yet, they’ll ask you to donate money to them later. I understand being busy, but as fundraisers they know building positive relationships matter. In my case, I have family/friends who no longer donate to places that treated me that way. However, that applies for any type of business, if they want to get and retain customers, then dont treat their interviewees so poorly because people dont forget.

  3. Tressie Williams on

    You must keep looking for the new jobs. No matter how great this one job is, it helps to keep the energy aimed at finding work you really want. Sometimes an even better job comes along during this time.

  4. You right on point. Outside the five ways you listed , a job seeker need to have a positive mental attitude as well .If not ,deppression might set in.

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