9 questions that can help you find your dream job

Photo credit: YuryZap, Shutterstock
Photo credit: YuryZap, Shutterstock

Reflection is a big part of finding your passion. Yet rather than focusing solely on what we think we might enjoy, it helps to ground our career search in our experiences, interests, and current opportunities.

That’s why we like this list of questions from The Daily Muse. The questions encourage you to think about your current work, opportunities you’d like to explore, and what steps you might need to take to make a career change.

  1. If I could choose one friend to trade jobs with, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.
  2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do ____________. It’s interesting to me because ____________.
  3. If I had the right education or skill set, I’d definitely try ____________, because ____________.
  4. If I had to go back to school tomorrow, I’d major in ____________, because ____________.
  5. My co-workers and friends always say I’m great at ____________, because ____________.
  6. The thing I love most about my current job is ____________, because ____________.
  7. If my boss would let me, I’d do more of ____________, because ____________.
  8. If I had a free Saturday that had to be spent “working” on something, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.
  9. When I retire, I want to be known for ____________, because ____________.

Read the rest of the article on The Daily Muse.

Another way to find your dream job is to try the NYU Career Tracks exercise. You explore existing job opportunities and select a few based on two criteria: you like the organization or you like the job description. After collecting a few job opportunities, you can begin to see patterns as well as gaps in your knowledge or experience that might be required to get the opportunities you selected. Learn more about this job search approach here.

What other questions or activities that have helped you narrow down the kind of job you’d like? Share your tips in the comments.

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  1. I especially liked questions 4 and 6. If I could add something, it would be to ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want to have, which can lead to certain job criteria (e.g. Do you want to work in an office? What kind of hours do you want to work? etc.)

    Great tips, thanks Allison!

    • Pooja
    • October 25, 2013

    Its really a great experience to go through this questionnaire as when we start filling the blanks, we actually start discovering what is the actual goal of our life and what step we should take to reach that goal.

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