A recipe for a great resume [infographic]

Crafting a resume is a challenge, especially if you’re tweaking it for each job you want. That being said, successful resumes often follow a certain formula…or in this case a recipe.

The folks over at GiraffeCVs put together this neat infographic on the recipe of a great resume (or CV for them as they are based in the United Kingdom). One point of contention might be the objective; outside of a few fields, an objective isn’t necessary and many are opting to include a professional summary instead.

That being said, there are some helpful tips in here. What do you think of this infographic?


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    • Parker Brown-Nesbit
    • April 23, 2014

    Cute. Very cute. It’s extremely difficult, however, to get all that onto one page, as most potential employers seem to want now. And after over five years’ looking, my belief in myself and employers is rather ragged.

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