Accomplish your career goals this October! 20 resources for professional development

Ready to take your career to the next level? Here are a few professional development opportunities we found!

Photo credit: Milos Batinic, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Milos Batinic, Shutterstock

2013 Idealist Grad Fairs:

The Idealist Grad Fairs are an opportunity for prospective students to connect with graduate programs oriented toward the social good. Come to one of these 11 grad fairs taking place in the month of October to meet with programs that will help take your career to the next level.

Management and leadership:

  • In Southern California? Take your facilitation skills to the next level by learning to keep groups on task and/or back on track, encourage active participation from group members, and support creative problem solving and best practices for fostering participant buy-in on October 18th. ($175, workshop)
  • Looking to become a leader in the nonprofit sector? Meet up with the Nonprofit Career Coach on October 7th in Boston for a Principles for Nonprofit Leadership seminar. ($75, seminar)

Managing your career:

  • If you’ve got a lot on your plate at work, you might want to consider delegating some tasks. How do you know which tasks to delegate and which to own yourself? Ask yourself these three questions to make the decision. (Free, article)
  • Bored by your work? Consider looking for challenges and avoiding the “OK Plateau.” (Free, article)
  • BigThink Mentor connects viewers with career experts in various fields. Watch this video from Sir Ken Robinson, author of “Finding your Element,” about the importance of finding work that is meaningful to you and discovering where you can have the largest professional impact. ($2.99, video series)

Developing new skills:


  • Become a startup founder by learning from the entrepreneurs who began Mint and Evernote in this online course from Udemy. ($399, online course)

What’s on your professional development agenda for this month?

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