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Amy Bergen is a writer based in Portland, Maine. She has experience in the social impact space in Baltimore, Maryland, the educational museum sphere in Columbus, Ohio, and the literary world of New York City.

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Doing Shift Work? 5 Tips for Staying Healthy and Rested

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If your work schedule varies from the “usual” 9-to-5—whether that means rotating, evening, or night shifts—your job may be taking a physical toll. Especially if you’ve switched from full-time daytime work to shift work, your body may have trouble adjusting to a new rhythm. You may also find it difficult to adjust your non-work life […]


Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills | How to Master Both

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You may have heard valuable workplace skills grouped into two categories: “hard” and “soft.” Just about everyone has a bit from both Column A and Column B. But what’s the difference between the two categories? And how can you express the value of these skills during the job application process? What’s the difference? Hard skills […]


How to Build a More Inclusive Workplace Culture

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Most social-impact spaces want to be diverse and inclusive. And many are taking active steps in that direction. Still, examining your organizational culture from within can be a challenge. Though you may feel your workplace is welcoming to everyone, someone from outside the culture—especially someone from an underrepresented background—may have a different view. Even if […]


No More Summers Off | Adjusting to the 9-to-5

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The first few months post-college should be exciting, right? You’ve worked hard, earned a degree, and maybe even gotten a job—all your effort is finally paying off! But you’re also going through a major adjustment to your schedule, priorities, and lifestyle. If, like many of us, you’ve been attending school since kindergarten, you might be […]