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Amy Bergen is a writer based in Portland, Maine. She has experience in the social impact space in Baltimore, Maryland, the educational museum sphere in Columbus, Ohio, and the literary world of New York City.

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What’s Your Workplace Communication Style?

conversation at table

Even when we’re speaking the same language, we all communicate a little differently. Some people give short, straightforward responses to questions while others might add a ton of detail. Knowing your own communication style—and adapting to the different styles of co-workers—can help personal and organizational success come much more easily. Business writer Mark Murphy’s model […]


Is the Side Hustle Overrated?

These days it seems like everyone has a side hustle. And these hustles, from monetizing hobbies to driving for a transportation service, are as creative and diverse as the people who run them. A part-time money-making effort can be a fun way to supplement the earnings of a day job. But side hustles aren’t always […]


How to Learn and Grow from a Supervisor’s Criticism


Nobody is perfect, and part of a supervisor’s job is to provide critical feedback. But that feedback isn’t always the easiest thing to hear. Even when criticism is constructive, it may feel like an attack—especially when it comes from someone who has power over you in the workplace. It’s important to remember that feedback is […]


Our Guide to the No-Stress Interview Outfit


Most of us know the basics of dressing for an interview. But we might still wonder: are we too fancy? Not fancy enough? Does our outfit make the right impression? Interviews are nerve-wracking enough without also having to worry about physical presentation. Fortunately, the right interview outfit can increase your confidence—and your potential employer will […]