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Caitlyn has worked in many areas of nonprofits, from health and human services to museums and a career center. She is a business, finance, and technology writer and consultant, specializing in nonprofits and small businesses.

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The 60% Rule | When to Apply for the Job

people in an interview

Have you ever read a job description and been intimidated from the sheer qualifications listed? You’re not alone: according to the Harvard Business Review, more than 40% of job seekers say they didn’t apply for a job because they felt unqualified. When you find a job that peaks your interest, do you meet every qualification […]


Buying Time | Negotiating for Benefits Other Than Salary

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So, you got a job offer and you’re ready to move forward; congratulations! After you’ve taken some time to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction that comes with a job offer, the final step (if you plan to accept) is making sure that the compensation package fits your needs, both monetarily and otherwise. However, it’s important […]