Caleb Winebrenner is a teaching artist based in Tempe, AZ. His work focuses on empowering youth through creative play, storytelling, and devised theatre -- and the more he does it, the more he loves it. He is currently working on a book of games and stories for community and youth development and launched a crowdfunding campaign to support it. He writes the blog Discovering Teaching Artistry and tweets, @caleb_teaches.

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Life After Americorps: Job-hunting tactics that have had surprising results

It’s December, and that means that your service term is nearly half over, or you’ve been out for a couple of months. You’re probably thinking about the end of the year, and what your career might have in store for 2014.


Life after AmeriCorps: How AmeriCorps changed my career expectations

I believed at the time my year in AmeriCorps, in a nonprofit, would be “just a stepping stone”… I hadn’t considered what other possibilities service could open up. Here’s what I learned.


Life after AmeriCorps: 3 lessons I’ve learned about job hunting

My AmeriCorps experience transformed how I saw myself, my career, and my goals. However, I’ve found out the hard way that life after AmeriCorps service is not what I expected, nor has it been easy.