When Caroline Contillo is not supporting Idealists as part of the Community Engagement team, she teaches mindfulness meditation at non-profits and community centers in NYC. Previously, she worked at Businessweek Online and The Interdependence Project, a secular Buddhist meditation center.

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6 Strategies For Gaining Perspective

If you’re fixating on the memory of your phone ringing in the middle of a job interview or find yourself barely able to come up for air during a busy week, getting some perspective can help. By putting a detail in its broader context, you can shed unnecessary worries and see opportunities you might otherwise miss.


Without Judgement: How Mindfulness Leads to Being More Open-Minded

Keeping an open mind, even for the most free-spirited among us, is harder than it sounds. By bringing a little mindfulness to the process, you can cultivate a flexibility and openness that will benefit you in all areas of life.


Jobs Roundup: Put Your Volunteer Experience to Good Use!

The topic of volunteering in a field of interest and how it can help you get your foot in the door at an organization is one that we talk about a lot on Idealist Careers. Here are some jobs that will allow you to make use of your volunteer experience.


On Purpose: How Mindfulness Helps You Work With Intention

By uncovering what motivates you and applying purpose to your work, you can really start to understand how best to turn your values into action.