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As a nonprofit advocacy professional living in Washington, D.C., Deborah works with groups across the country to educate their communities and lawmakers about public policies that can help low-income residents make ends meet. She is passionate about helping people connect their interests to a cause they believe in and empowering them to take action.

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How to Build Management Experience from Scratch

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Becoming a manager is one way (although not the only way) to advance in your career and build leadership skills. But when employers are hiring for managerial positions, they often look for candidates with prior management experience. So, if you’re not currently supervising anyone, how do you get the management experience you need to become […]


4 Old Resume Rules to Ignore

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Your resume is a core element of your job application, and because it’s usually the first thing employers see, you want to get it right. But as career norms evolve, so too do resume norms. Dana Leavy-Detrick, founder and chief creative scribe of Brooklyn Resume Studio and a former recruiter and career coach, has spent […]


Are You Missing This Important Step in All Your Career Moves?

Sometimes in the social-impact space, we’re moving so quickly and the issues feel so urgent that we are liable to skip an important step in our professional development: debriefing. The problem is that when we don’t stop to debrief and reflect, we risk repeating our mistakes or missing opportunities to improve. When done right, debriefing […]


4 Steps for Getting Your Career Resolutions Back on Track

By this point in the year, New Year’s Day—and the career resolutions you made way back when—can feel like a distant memory. But even if you haven’t made as much progress on your career resolutions as you had hoped, you don’t have to give up. A simple change of outlook and attitude may be all […]