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4 New Year’s Resolutions for the Social-Impact Job Seeker


Experts say one of the top reasons why New Year’s resolutions don’t last long is because people tend to try for too big a change right away. No pointing fingers here, but maybe this sounds familiar: Someone resolves to get more exercise and goes from never working out to signing up for a fitness bootcamp […]


Holiday Volunteering | 5 Ways to Get Creative


Volunteering around the holidays has gotten so popular that some organizations fill their volunteer slots within just hours or days after making sign-ups open to the public. That means if you want to add a little extra meaning to your holiday season, you may need to get more creative. Here is a compilation of volunteer […]


5 Ways to Make the Most of the Holiday Slowdown

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AAA predicts that nearly 107.3 million Americans will travel over this year’s year-end holidays—the largest number on record. And those numbers are typically higher around the year-end holidays, especially between Christmas and New Year’s Day. But what about the rest of us who stay closer to home? If you’re not planning to hit the road, […]


Tips for Young Professionals Working Through a Serious Illness

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“I like to think of myself as Leslie Knope a little bit,” says Channing Barker, communications director for Benton County, AR. While they both have blonde hair and a passion for government, the similarities between Barker and the “Parks and Recreation” character go much deeper. Leslie Knope is persistent. Nothing gets her down. And you […]