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Diana’s Big Move: I got a job offer! Now what?

Disclaimer: this is not my cat. If I had party hats at home, I would post a picture of my own cat wearing a party hat. Why? I got a job offer! I was in the middle of writing a blog post about how my original timeline was naively optimistic. Back in March, I hoped I’d […]


Diana’s Big Move: Learn from my job search mistakes

For those of you who’ve been following along, you know that I’ve spent the last few months preparing for my move to Boston. Now my move is just six days away. I’ve been spending my time packing up my apartment in New York, saying goodbye to friends, and of course, waiting to see if I […]


Diana’s Big Move: The first job interview

I just finished my first interview! I got the interview request a few days ago, and after weeks of stress-induced quesadilla dinners and panic, this was a huge reassurance. Someone somewhere thinks I’m doing something right! (If you need to catch up, here’s how I started my search and what I’ve been doing since.) After […]


Diana’s Big Move: The job search begins

A new series exploring one Idealist’s search for her next career move. Hi, I’m Diana. We met recently in the post about Idealist’s Community Support Team. My coworker Kim and I answer all of your calls and emails about the site. A confession: For the last few days, during every conversation I’ve had with a […]