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Dr. Tara Mokhtari is a poet, screenwriter, professor of creative writing, communications and literature, author of The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing, and Idealist’s resident Storyteller.

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Writing to Be a Badass

This week’s writing exercise is meant to build on the freeing powers of the stream of consciousness writing task I gave you back in August. It’s a little more directed and requires a little more creativity.


Writing To Remember Who You Are

In making decisions about your future self and your career trajectory, it can help to revisit the lessons you learned enroute to the present; to remember who you are and what you know about the world. This month’s exercise will help you do that.


Reflective Writing For Work-Life Balance

Although we might think about a problem from every seemingly possible angle, when we write something out, our minds are processing the problem in a different way. Writing can give us access to new perspectives and solutions and put us back in touch with who we really are, and what we really want.