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Starting Out in the Social-Impact Sector | An Interview with Anthony Flowe

It’s summer, which means that many of our readers have recently graduated from university programs. Perhaps you’ve already got a job in the social-impact sector—or maybe you’re still on the hunt. For this new interview series, we’re chatting with changemakers who are in their first five years of social-impact work. They may be early in […]


What to Do if You’re “Overqualified” for a Job

woman in graduation hat

There are few things more frustrating than being turned down for a position you want because you’re overqualified. Not only did your perfect resume not land you the job—it may have been your undoing! The sting of rejection is never fun. But being told you’re “overqualified” can still offer a better understanding of how hiring […]


Not Fooling Around | How to Keep Your Cool with 4 Difficult Coworkers

keeping cool

Awkward office dynamics may at times seem laughable, but difficult coworker relationships are no joke. Here are our suggestions for keeping the peace if you regularly find your patience—and your productivity—being put to the test. 1. The chatty Charlie You’re racing to meet a deadline, but your cubicle mate is regaling you with their take on […]


Gender Equality | Is Your Workplace Walking the Walk?

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Many of us in the social impact space are motivated by the potential to create a fairer world with equal opportunities for all. But have you ever felt like some of the principles you’re working toward further afield aren’t being applied when it comes to gender equality in your own office? If so, you’ve got […]