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Emily Lamia is the Founder of Pivot Journeys, which offers career coaching, group programs, and organizational consulting to teams that want to build strengths-based cultures that increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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10 Steps to a Dynamite Cover Letter

cover letter

The. Dreaded. Cover. Letter. We all write cover letters hoping to stand out and convey “I’m perfect for this job!” We also know that taking the time to write something meaningful can result in hours of procrastination and getting lost down internet rabbit holes. So how can you make the best use of your precious […]


Unpacking Organizational Culture During an Interview


Culture. It’s a big word. But what does it really mean? We seem to know how to identify bad organizational culture: constant stress, unreasonable workloads, and passive aggressive or mean people. But aside from unlimited snacks, casual Fridays, and a summer picnic, what goes into determining how to define positive organizational culture? The truth is, […]


Next Time You’re Making a Career Move, Try Design Thinking

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If you’re thinking through your next career move, you’re probably scouring articles with tons of advice on how to figure out and land your next position. These resources are often filled with suggestions like networking, updating your resume, and reconnecting with former colleagues. But here’s the thing: While most of us know what we should […]


So You Want to Work Remotely? Part 2

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You’ve considered all the factors related to working remotely. You now know why it appeals to you and you’ve considered your ideal remote-work situation. So what else could be standing in your way? Probably your workplace culture or your manager. Making your case Walking into your boss’s office to declare that you should be allowed to work […]