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Emily Lamia is the Founder of Pivot Journeys, which offers career coaching, group programs, and organizational consulting to teams that want to build strengths-based cultures that increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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So You Want to Work Remotely? Part 1

Figure on map, waving

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about working remotely. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? The prospect of not having your boss looking over your shoulder from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday, being able to wear your pajamas to “the office,” and either being steps away from your refrigerator, or getting your morning coffee […]


7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Broom and mop

I love spring! It’s my birthday season, I love my cute, pink, spring jacket, and I can feel and see nature blooming all around me. I also love any opportunity to get organized, tidy things up, and get both my physical space and my mind fresh and clean. And I don’t think I’m alone! Spring […]


Tell Me About Yourself: A Simple Response Framework

Tell me about yourself

Earlier this week I was on a few back-to-back phone calls with potential clients. I do these brief conversations to get a sense of who people are, their career pain point, and how coaching might aid them in their search for a more fulfilling career. I start most conversations with potential clients with a simple […]


New Year’s Resolutions? 6 Steps to Get Them to Actually Stick

If you’re reading this you’re probably like me – thinking about your goals for 2017 and wanting to be thoughtful and diligent about actually making your resolutions stick.