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Emily Lamia is the Founder of Pivot Journeys, which offers career coaching, group programs, and organizational consulting to teams that want to build strengths-based cultures that increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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How to Survive Awkward Holiday Conversations About Your Career

I dreaded having family and friends asking me during the holidays, “so what are you doing next?” not just because I wasn’t really sure how to answer it, but because I honestly didn’t know! It felt sorta embarrassing to seem like I was constantly trying to “figure it out.”

Over time, I’ve come to realize a few things about these conversations and encounters. Read my solutions for surviving them!


Gimme the Dirt: Ask These 4 Questions to Find out What it’s Really Like to Work Somewhere

What you really might want to ask is, “Could you just be honest and open and tell me what it’s really like to work here?


5 Reasons a Vacation Can Accelerate Your Job Search

Constant stress and anxiety do not help your job search. Find out how travel can boost your energy, increase neuroplasticity, and get you motivated!