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Jen Bogle is a communications professional based in Cologne, Germany. She has more than 10 years of experience working with the non-profit, public, and private sectors to develop and implement strategic communications campaigns and stakeholder engagement strategies that promote sustainable development. She is passionate about team building, leadership and using communications to drive social change.

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5 Strategies for Leading Teams Amid High Turnover


Even when you love your job and believe in the work you do, office environments with high staff turnover can dampen those positive feelings. Perhaps this turnover is related to internal circumstances, such as high stress and long hours, or to external pulls felt by adventurous staff eager to experience new cities and professional challenges. […]


From Private to Nonprofit | Inside the Culture Shift, Part 3


Plenty of people switch from the private to the nonprofit sector hoping to make a difference. But what happens when you go for the sector switch and land in unfamiliar territory? The for-profit and nonprofit worlds have some noteworthy distinctions—and similarities—that make this change both compelling and surprising. This article is the third in a […]


From Private to Nonprofit | Inside the Culture Shift, Part 2

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This article, the second in a series on sector-switching, covers strategies you can use to set priorities and balance competing demands in your new nonprofit position. Here’s why and how priority-setting might look a bit different at nonprofits.


Are You Wired to Drive Organizational Change?

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Every organization needs change agents—people who rethink, redesign, and restructure the way things work. Whether they reimagine entire programs or introduce new systems and technologies, change agents cultivate bottom-up problem solving and informal leadership at their organizations. While many change agents can be found in the upper ranks of an organization, staff outside of the […]