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Jennifer Abcug, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist in New York City, where she specializes in women’s life transitions. Prior to this, she counseled patients and families at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Convinced the earth moved after reading Mary Oliver’s poem, “The Summer Day,” the question: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” has become a focal point of Jennifer’s practice.

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You’re A College Grad, Now What? Part 1: The Post-Collegiate Blues

Woman looking out at NYC skyline

Congratulations future social impact maker—you’ve graduated! We are delighted that you’re on your way to becoming a member of the social impact community. You must be beaming with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Years of hard work have culminated in this moment. Welcome aboard! Are you excited to begin exploring the job market? After […]


Do You Really Hate Your Job? Really?

Broken heart robot

It’s kind of easy to hate your job, isn’t it? Like that that long-term relationship which became the perfect scapegoat for everything wrong in your life, it’s become routine, familiar, and all too predictable. But do you regret ending that relationship? Did you realize—once it was too late—that you rushed to judgment? In hindsight, did […]


Just Send Me Your Resume …

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“Oh, I know this guy…” “Let me show your resume to the head of operations….” “Here’s my email. I’ll forward your resume to my assistant to pass on to…” Do any of these phrases resonate? We all have them—parent’s friends, friend’s parents, the guy you used to babysit for—and they all really want to help […]


Difficult Personalities at Work: Is it Me, or Them?

difficult personality

Do you wake up every work day feeling as if you’re gearing up to go to battle? If you find yourself suiting up in what feels like a protective layer of armor or struggling to stake out your territory, you’re likely entrenched in a workplace relationship with a difficult personality. More importantly, you’re expending energy […]