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Jill Nawrocki is a Licensed Social Worker and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer living in Brooklyn. She is an ultra runner, freelance writer, and social justice warrior with a background in program management, direct practice, mindfulness, and advocacy.

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4 Organizations that Support Students and Classrooms in Need

school supplies on a table

October is here, which means kids are getting back into the swing of the school year. For many students, a new school year means stocking up on necessary supplies like pencils, boxes of crayons, and brand new gym shoes. This fresh gear may inspire innovation and ideas in the next generation of thinkers. But for […]


4 Signs Your Workplace Relationships Could be in Trouble

man and woman working on computers not looking at each other

John and Julia Gottman are best known for their groundbreaking work as couples therapists. Their keen dynamic listening skills predict a pair’s likelihood at longevity or divorce with 94 percent accuracy. This is thanks in part to their identification of the so-called “Four Horsemen” of the (relationship) apocalypse—four factors that can disrupt and destroy romantic […]


4 Tips for an Active Commute

two women on bicycles

Changemakers can often be found navigating complex social and bureaucratic systems, packed schedules, and office politics. But they’re also navigating city streets and scenic roadways in an effort to maximize their use of time with an active morning commute.  Whether it’s running or riding a bike, starting or ending the workday in motion can be […]


Perfecting the Art of Praise | How to Recognize Success in the Workplace

woman smiling in office

In a profession marked by challenges and change, both praise and recognition can have a powerful impact in the workplace. Effectively communicating appreciation has the potential to keep workers engaged, improve retention, boost performance, build trust, and strengthen relationships. Plus, acknowledging the efforts of others contributes to positive office culture and community. There is no […]