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Jill Nawrocki is a Licensed Social Worker and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer living in Brooklyn. She is an ultra runner, freelance writer, and social justice warrior with a background in program management, direct practice, mindfulness, and advocacy.

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Got the Office Blues? Try Reframing Your Mindset

By now the holidays are over and the shine of a new year has mostly worn off. Resolutions are either in full swing or entirely off the rails: it’s officially back to business as usual at the office. Many of us are standing knee-deep in winter and, depending on location, already desperate for spring. Maybe […]


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up … at Work

Clean house guru Marie Kondo inspired readers to find more joy by owning less with her 2014 guide, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Now, her minimalist methods have sparked a cult-like following thanks to a Netflix reality series that showcases success stories and total life transformations. Her approach typically targets the home, but […]


The Sunday Set-Up | 6 Steps to a Successful Week


An inbox full of emails and back-to-back fundraising meetings can have Mondays feeling like a game of catch before the first cup of coffee is finished. Maybe that’s why Sunday-night stress hits some folks hard—scoring a solid eight hours of sleep can seem even more elusive after two days away from the working world. Thankfully, […]


Learn From the Best | Why Finding a Mentor Should Be On Your To-Do List

In a work world that values individuals, it can be easy to forget that collaboration and connection are critical in paving the road to success. A great idea or a brand new approach gets others to take a second look, but fostering relationships and building bonds with fellow innovators is a surefire way to make […]