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Half The Sky Appears: A Double-Book Review

Authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn have penned two books in recent years aiming to ignite social movements in response to the oppression of women worldwide and the challenges of poverty. Here, I take a look at how their writing fares in moving one reader (me) to action.


Everyday, Everywhere Lessons from “Everyone Leads”

Today’s post is Kari Mirkin’s review of the book Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up  by Paul Schmitz.  Why another leadership book? According to Paul Schmitz, former  Public Allies CEO, when the nonprofit sector focuses so much on building effective organizations and not enough on building effective communities, vital voices, potential leaders, and […]


How to avoid doing harm when you want to do good: A conversation with journalist Jonathan M. Katz

Haitian flag

“Don’t fly in because the place happens to be at the top of the news today and then fly out as soon as something else comes to top it off.”


Can you build a career in the Purpose Economy?

The Purpose Economy is, “centered on the need for individuals to find purpose in their work and lives.” How can we thrive in this new economy?